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Night vision scopes & goggles from Spy World!

Night vision scopes can be yours when you purchase from Spy World, the world's first choice for spy gear, surveillance equipment and top of the line spy cameras plus more! You'll be amazed by the prices and the remarkable selection of night visions units. Take a look at the Mini night vision unit. This is the world's smallest night vision unit with a built in infrared illuminator. You will see every tree, animal or trespasser clearly even in total darkness! Measuring just 5 x 2 inches, you can tuck them in your pocket. The 1.8 x magnification brings things closer and it amplifies light 15,000 times. It even comes with a carry case. This mini night vision unit also requires AAA batteries. 

Get superb night vision with the night eagle. New age technology allows it to fit easily into your pocket. Unlike other scopes, all controls are at your fingertips. Push a button and even a dark night becomes vivid green daylight. Built in is an infrared illuminator to instantly brighten up the scene. It magnifies 3.1x with up to 20,000x light gain. Secure your home or office and see what others can't see with the new Eagle Scope. 

Regardless of what you need from us, be it surveillance camera equipment or night vision gear, we are pleased to assist you with private consultation service in the areas of privacy, asset protection, Swiss banking and offshore corporations, surveillance equipment, general security concerns and internet offshore casino creations. If you have a unique situation, we can custom create a plan that will fit your particular needs. Talk to us. We're Spy World, one for the most respected organizations when it comes to all manners of spy gear including night vision.

night vision, spy gear, surveillance equipment, spy camera

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