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Store offers spy equipment, spy tools and spy gear such as night vision scopes, phone tap detector, cellular interceptor, bug Detectors, armored cars with the top of the line video surveillance equipment. We also offer a wide variety of protection equipment and much more!
Police equipment and military grade gear are available to Government.
Bomb Jammer, telephone encryption, bug, video surveillance, spy recorders, voice changer, counter surveillance and much more below .

Cellular Voice Encryption
The cellular Voice Encryption is a snap on to the dataport of an Ericsson cellular phone (included) working over the GSM network.

Simple operation, uses military grade 256 Bit AES encryption algorithm which is the most advanced encryption standard for voice communication, even more advanced than the DES standard.

Transparency operation, no action required by user.

Military strenght - offers voice protection against virtually all determined listeners.

** Price per unit - 2 units are needed (one at each side of the conversation).

Cellular Voice Encryption
Item : 2001 ------------------------- Price : $ 2200.00

Pro Encryption System
Provides a convenient and reliable way to protect your most sensitive phone conversations including :  

                          Voice - Fax -  all in one !

Not much bigger than a handheld calculator and extremely lightweight.  You can carry it with you whenever you anticipate the need for confidential phone calls .

Pro Encryption System
Item : 2016 ------------------------- Price : $ 1,600.00

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