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Telephone encryption is a convenient and reliable way to protect your most sensitive phone conversations


Pro Encryption System

Provides a convenient and reliable way to protect your most sensitive phone conversations including :  

                          Voice - Fax -  all in one !

Not much bigger than a handheld calculator and extremely lightweight.  You can carry it with you whenever you anticipate the need for confidential phone calls .  This top of the line  Telephone Device uses a digital encryption process with a level of 128 bits  Triple DES  -  renders your conversation inaccessible to  wiretapping .  This encryption device uses a high level industrial grade proprietary algorithm to encrypt  Voice, Fax & Data signals.  Easy to use, your phone call is automatically encrypted (requires one device for each party  on line) .

 Features :

  • Secure voice communication when connected to any analog telephone
  • Secure automatic fax communication for any fax machine 
  • Secure point-to-point file transfer when connected to computers
  • Secure simultaneous voice and data (SVD) when connected to telephones and computers
  • Secure computer files for safe storage in any computer, network or on the Internet
  • Secure e-mail attachments
  • Secure voice teleconferencing utilizing multi-line telephones and Pro Encryption units
  • Secure Voice Communication
    connects to ordinary telephone lines, allowing easy encryption of voice communication.

    File Storage
    provides a simple method of encrypting your computer files.
    Select, encrypt and save files through the Pro Encryption to insure that your important information is kept confidential. The encrypted files can be stored on the computer, any network or on the Internet.

    Specifications :

  • Telephone or Fax Connection: RJ-11C
  • Computer Interface: DB9 Serial connector
  • Encryption Algorithm:  Proprietary, Harris CITADELTM CCX
  • Cryptographic Traffic Encryption Key: Minimum 7.2 x 1016 combinations
  • Telephone Dialing: Pulse and DTMF
  • Software: Flash download capable
  • Weight:   9 oz.

    Power Source:  90 to 240 Volts A/C   50 to 60 Hz
    Power Consumption:  5 Watts
    Dimensions:  6" D x 4.38" W x 1.38" H  (152mm D x 111mm W x 35mm H)

** Note - may  require a U.S. government export license to certain countries.

Price is per unit -  2 unit minimum required.

Pro Encryption System
Item : 2016 ----------------------------- Price : $ 1,600.00
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