Cellular Blockers, General Overview :

The systems utilize a unique transmission method that confuses the decoding circuits of cellular handsets as if no cellular base station is within the service area. Upon activating the Blocker,  all idle phones will indicate "NO SERVICE".  Consequently, all cellular phone calls already in progress within the defined area will be cut-off and the radio link will be lost. When activated, incoming calls are handled as if the cellular handset is OFF and calls may be routed into a voice mailbox.  When the Blocker  is turned off,  all cellular handsets will automatically re-establish communications with the cellular systems and provide full service.

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Low Power Cellular Blocker 

This Cellular Blocker is a jammer device that transmits low power radio signals, which cut-off communications between cellular handsets and cellular base-stations in a regulated area.

 The jamming effect can be digitally controlled and regulated to form a "quiet"  zones in confined places.  

The Blocker does not interfere with any communications other than cellular within the "quiet"  zone and does not interfere with cellular communications outside the regulated area.

The low power unit contains one or two modules, each of them covers a single frequency band (800/900/1800/1900). The unit is microprocessor controlled and has digital power control, thereby enabling accurate calibration of transmission power.

Configurable for coverage of all types of cellular systems including analog (AMPS, TACS, NMT) and digital (TDMA, CDMA, GSM, PCS).

Each module has an internal antenna and maximum output power of 500 mW 
(total 1W).  Various optional accessories are available, including rechargeable battery pack,  external antenna,  reflector mounting panel and remote control.  You may send us an e mail should you need any additional accessories.

Coverage :  up to 20 meters .

*  Except Law Enforcement - Not available to U.S residents

Low Power Cellular Blocker 
Item: 4001-1 --------------------- $ 1,950.00

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High Power Cellular Blocker 

The high power unit contains up to three modules, each having a maximum output power of 10W (total 30W). The unit is housed inside a metal water resistant suitcase with a built-in heat sink to meet extreme operating conditions for indoors and outdoors applications. The unit can be locked so that only authorized personnel can open it. Unit activation/de-activation by turning a key switch - suitable for secure installations.

Configurable for coverage of all types of cellular systems including analog (AMPS, TACS, NMT) and digital (TDMA, CDMA, GSM, PCS).

The high power unit is supplied with a variety of directional or omni-directional external antennas.

Coverage :  range varies between 20 and 200 meters.

*  This Item is for sale to law enforcement / military only.

High Power Cellular Blocker
Item : 4001-2 -------------------------- U.S $11,800.00

For details :  E mail or call    1-775-885-8898




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