OSCOR - 5000

Omni Spectral Correlator OSCOR-5000 - the most technologically advanced counter surveillance package on the market today!

Silently monitors and detects threats 24 hours a day, automatically! OSCOR-5000 is a portable micro-computer controlled scanning spectral correlator.

It will scan from Audio (50 Hz-15 KHz), Radio VLF-Microwave (10 KHz-3000 MHz) to Infrared (850-1070 nm) and utilize passive sound-pattern matching to automatically recognize a surveillance device.

In the Automatic Mode, the unit will continuously scan all bands for acoustic pattern correlation and then alert you to the presence of a surveillance device by your choice of a silent alert or audible tone.

Designed specifically for technical surveillance countermeasure testing.

Application specific software with plug in program key.

Rechargeable battery or 120/220 VAC power. memory "snapshots" of displayed data can be saved and reviewed.

Single button selection of automatic or manual modes.

ACOUSTIC CORRELATOR similar to human hearing, this system instantly recognizes complex sound patterns arriving from both the REFERENCE and received audio channels.

Most room environments contain many "passive" sounds - air conditioners, computers, talking, etc. - witch OSCOR uses as an audio REFERENCE source. The Correlator then searches for an acoustic pattern match between the room's passive REFERENCE sounds and any identical information received while scanning to provide you with a positive I.D. without alerting the eavesdropper.

One button decision, silently listens, captures the weakest signals, sensitive, fast, accurate, sweep, acquire, demodulated close-up, correlation and threat - summary now TSCM teams can have the best mix of a Digital Spectrum Analyzer, Switched Antenna Array, Silent Sound Correlator and Custom Software all in a compact portable carry-on package. Sweep teams can benefit by using OSCOR to save time or man power.

Let OSCOR run automatically while you're doing the physical search, then verify any high threats or overlap by again using the manual mode.

SPECIFICATIONS: RF System: RF Frequency coverage: 10 kHz - 3000 MHz, tuning resolution 100 Hz, demodulations: AM, FMW, FMN, FM SC, SSB, CW. Video Wideband output optional. Infrared Detector: 10 kHz - 5 MHz, 850 - 1070 nm. Printer: 192 Dot, internal battery 12.6 V, 2.2 Ah. Size: 18.5X14.5X6.25 in, or 47 X 37 X 16 cm. Weight: 28 lbs (12.7 KG). AC input - 105-260 VAC. OPERATION MANUAL available in English or Russian. Overnight shipping available.

Option Package:

DELUXE Package includes OVM-5000, OVP-5000, OAR-5000, OTL-5000, MPA-5000, CLA-5000, LPE-5000, MIC-5000, and MPC-5000. Overnight shipping available.

Cost : $2,000

Details of Deluxe Package:

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