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The Remote Control Shocking Briefcase will give you the confidence that you need to carry your valuables knowing they are protected.


Shocking Briefcase

The Remote Control Shocking Briefcase will give you the confidence that you need to carry your valuables knowing they are protected.

If this special briefcase is snatched out of your hand just press on the remote control one time and the briefcase will emmit a loud siren of 85dB,

Press second time and it will send a shock to the would-be thief at 50,000 volts of power !!

As another option you can arm the briefcase if you have it next to you but you do not hold it, at this point anyone that touches the briefcase will be zapped with a 50,000 Volt of power !!

Ideal for safe transportation and storage of cash, valuables and important documents.

The Briefcase offers an extremely effective, yet non-lethal 50,000 –volt shock as deterrent, which forces anyone to let go of the briefcase.


Shocking Briefcase
Item : 3005-1 ----------------------------- Price : $ 1350.00
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