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Our GPS counter measure, GPS Jammer temporarily block / Jamm disable the reception of Satellite Tracking devices, feel safe with our GPS jamming device.


GPS Jammer - Block Sattelite Tracking

Worried about someone tracking your movements ?

Our GPS counter measure temporarily  block and disable the reception of Satellite Tracking devices, more specifically the civilian course acquisition (C/A) code used for the standard positioning service (SPS) on the Global Positioning System (GPS/NAVSTAR) L1 frequency of 1575.42 MHz.

GPS jam,  gps jammer, block gps signal

See the above picture ?  no bigger than a cigarette lighter ,  Just plug it in, now you can feel safe while in your car / on the road,  knowing you cannot be tracked.

"Hidden" GPS based tracking devices mount inside or underneath your vehicle. They transmit the coordinates of your vehicle's present and/or past locations for weeks at a time.

For example vehicle rental companies have been known to use GPS tracking devices to verify you don't speed or abuse their rental vehicles. The unsuspecting renter is often faced with these hidden abuse "fees" after returning the rental vehicle.

There are many situations why a "Hidden" GPS is planted in a vehicle,  each situation is unique and only you know the answer in your situation as to why someone wants to know where you are.

Once you plug in the Jammer it is operational,  you can practice testing it by monitoring the signal on a common consumer GPS receiver or high quality communications receiver. A GPS receiver close to the jammer will loose connection with the satellite and will not be able to acquire C/A-code lock.

This GPS Jammer will keep you safe,   simple operation,  just plug it to your vehicle cigarette lighter,  switch it  on and  your are set .

GPS Jammer - Block Sattelite Tracking
Item : 4001-3 ----------------------------- Price : $ 350.00
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