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Ultimate breakthrough facial Composite Picture! software on CD-ROM containing a database of close to 4,000 specially coded facial, police sketch artist software features.


Composite Facial Program

Not every investigator can afford a Sketch artist !    Now you  don't need one with this  Ultimate breakthrough   face reconstruction program ! 

This software (on CD-ROM) contains a database of close to 4,000 specially coded facial features. 

Private Investigator, police officers,  no longer you have to wait for an appointement with a sketch artist to re create a face of a suspect .

With a PC computer or  laptop in the field  and by simply clicking and selecting facial features with the mouse, users  can create endless combinations of FACES of male or female from  any race  in less than ten minutes !   All of the selected features are automatically blended together, making the resulting picture look just like a photographs.

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Composite Facial Program
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