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Military & law enforcement applications. Has a Built inn INFRA RED scanning sensor that can point you to a body heat. heat scanner, heat sensor, heat detector.


Heat Scanner

Looks like a small flash light.   This military technology provides broad - based use for law enforcement, home defense and general security applications.

When a target is aquired a bar graph will light up informing you of a possible body heat .

Tested out to 1,000 yards in an open field and 150 yards in wooded area.

Reacts instantly to a change of + or - 2 degrees  and operates up to 12 hours on a single 9V battery.

Comes complete with belt holster and insructions manual.
This device is for outdoors use only as it looks for heat source against a cold backround.  If yo have any questions about the product please contact us before ordering.


Heat Scanner
Item : 2023 ----------------------------- Price : $ 350.00
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