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Small, lightweight, battery-powered device that allows the user to quickly identify and locate hidden cameras. Video Bug Detector, find wireless video camera.


Video Camera Locator

Want to find a hidden spy cameras? 

The Video Camera Locator (VCL) will  enable you to locate any hidden camera.

Previously reserved for government agencies and professionals,  You can be secure in any area by using the VCL  to check for hidden cameras.  From Professional applications of counter surveillance to Hotel and dressing room,  find them all. 

Based on technology developed by military engineers,  t
he Video Camera Locator (VCL)  is  a small, lightweight,  battery-powered device that allows the user to quickly identify and locate hidden cameras.  Since the VCL  works optically, no amount of electronic jamming or shielding can stop it from finding hidden cameras.

How does it works  ?

You look through the ViewFinder,  VCL while "ON"  the VCL emits a laser beam,  once a lens of a camera  (no matter how small) is hit with the beam it will reflect back to the viewfinder and let you visually see  the location of a hidden camera.

Great for Private investigators and law enforcement personnel that are in need to sweep an area for hidden cameras. The Video Camera Locator (VCL) is especially effective when the hidden camera is not Wireless,  it means hat there are no transmissions to pickup,  so this is the only way to sweep a room for hard wired cameras. Comes complete with instructions.

Technical specifications :

Power :               Requires  4  AAA batteries

Operate :            Red Laser

Lens :                 4x optical glass

Dimensions :     101 mm x  52 mm x  33 mm

Weight :              152  Grams

Focus :               Adjustable

Video Camera Locator
Item : LAW-003 ----------------------------- Price : $ 750.00
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