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This professional video pen is unique. Pen video camera conceals a high resolution top quality Video camera and a high grade microphone for Audio (Law Enforcement only).


Pen Video Camera System

This professional video pen is unique. 

It conceals a high resolution top quality black & white
Video camera and  a separate high grade microphone  for Audio .

The microphone can be connected to any  portable VCR / Camcorder / DVR.

When placed in a top pocket (just like an ordinary pen) and discreetly connected to our pocket  video recorder ,  it will capture excellent picture and sound with perfect discretion.

This is a complete Package

 Included : 

-  2 Pen Camera (1 real pen & 1 pen camera looks the same).

-   Portable Miniature  Recorder.

 Easy connection 

Actual look may change from time to time
    with new models coming out.

Pen Video Camera System
Item : 2024-8 ----------------------------- Price : $ 2,200.00
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