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Despite its micro size, the Alcohol Breath Analyzer is a sensitive scientific instrument employing computer semiconductor technology to convert breath alcohol content to equivalent blood alcohol content (BAC) within seconds.

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Key Chain - Alcohol Breath Analyzer

The miniature unit is activated through a thumb switch. After a brief internal circuitry self test routine, the test subject blows through the mouthpiece and the results are converted and read within seconds based on which color LED lamp lights according to the enclosed instructions .

The Analyzer employs the recently developed and most advanced *MEMS gas sensor which is alcohol specific, eliminating the possible interference from other environmental factors.

-Reusable Personal Alcohol Breath Analyzer
-Advanced semiconductor technology
-Latest MEMS gas sensor that detects only
alcohol specific chemical structures.
-Five Color coded LEDs indicate
percentage levels of Blood Alcohol
-1 year limited factory warranty
-AAA battery (included)
-Built in high intensity LED lights
-Instruction booklet

The Mini Alcohol Breath Analyzer can be used repeatedly . The 1.5V power source is easily replaced using a standard AAA battery and the unit computer circuitry carries a one year warranty.

While simple and easy to use, the Alcohol Breath Analyzer can help prevent the unfortunate and often life threatening consequences of alcohol intoxication.

Used as a monitor, it can indicate when equivalent blood alcohol percentages are below or above state legal limits preventing potential arrest or worse, reckless endangerment of others. This test is recommended for "on the spot" testing whenever alcohol consumption is planned or intoxication is suspected. The Miniature Alcohol Breath Analyzer will help to prevent the tragic and life altering consequences

Key Chain - Alcohol Breath Analyzer
Item : ALCO-1000 ----------------------------- Price : $149.00
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