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There are many excellent devices to secure your phone calls. But to secure your room conversation you will need the Acoustical Privacy Jammer.


Acoustical Jammer

This device will protect you instantly from a “bug” pointing at your location even if it was not previously detected.

It works by generating unfilterable random white noise. This desensitizes any microphone - based eavesdropping.

The Jammer also protects you from tape recorders, shotgun mics, wired devices, microwave and laser pickups.

All the eavesdropper hears is a loud hiss.

Please note : this product will defete listening devices from the outside protecting the inside / room where you are located.  It is not design to protect your conversations in a one on one / face to face situations.

* If you have any questions  about the functionality of this item either e mail us or call our office.

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Acoustical Jammer
Item : 2021 ----------------------------- Price : $ 370.00
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