Lie Detector

Imagine the fun you’ll have when you show off the Lie Detector to your friends. Use it for a game of truth or dare and you’ll see who’s being honest and who’s not.

The truth hurts......but not as much as a lie!!!

Do you want to be the focus of the party ?   Would like to know if your boyfriend or girlfriend really love you ?   Get the lie detector now, you will be surprised !

Here is how it works :

First, put your right hand on the "polygraph" finger slot, be sure your fingers are in direct contact with the sensor.

Press the Reset button, press the "Analyzer" button, the machine will begin to read of your data to compare it for a later evaluation against a lie. 
Light will appear, you will hear the machine "data read completed" sound.  At this point, your data has been entered in to the lie detector's memory, waiting to analyze the question.

After each question click the "Analyzer" button.  Lie detector will measure the deceit  and the lie levels. 
The Detector has 5 LED indicators shows the extent of lying ( 3 green, 2 red ).
If you lie, or give an unacceptable answer, or distorted the facts, then in conjunction to the lights (if all are lit),  you will be punished by a small (harmless) electric ZAP!!

*  This item is a novelty  - not to be used for anything serious. 
     Designed for fun and amusement only.

** Not recommended for people who are wearing a pacemaker or have other medical 
     condition that are sensitive to electricity.

Lie Detector
Item : AC-001 ----------------------------- Price : $ 145.00