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Pen Microphone

This super sensitive wired microphone with built-in high-gain pre-amp is cleverly disguised in an ordinary pen. It's ideal for covert recording,  Best when used with our micro cassette recorders. 

When you place a recorder under your coat or in a pocket you significantly reduce the microphone's ability to collect sound. That's when you need the Pen Microphone.  It makes concealed,  high - performance voice recording simple.

                     Plug and Play

It has a standard "mini" connector (compatible with all of our models) ,  just plug it into the recorder's jack marked "MIC" and you are ready to record.  

*  The Actual look of the "Pen"  may change slightly from time to time.

Pen Microphone
Item : 2028-4 ----------------------------- Price : $ 190.00