Super Spy Digital Recorder

This is a revolutionary digital recorder. World's smallest recorder. Its amazing size is less than 1.5 Inch long, and is capable of recording up to 17 hour!

Designed for professionals to record room conversations and sounds. You can hear the play back of the recordings using an earphone or download the sound file to a personal computer. long recording time of up to over 18 hours and has a Voice Activation System (VAS), high-sensitive built-in microphone (range up to 8m.) with wide dynamic range.

This professional recorder can endure a wide range of temperatures, traveling conditions, shaking and dust . Connects to a computer  (via an adapter included). Software (included) allows you to save the recorded file directly in to your computer with date / time stamp, Full package includes: 

Digital voice recorder Earphone PC connection cable with LPT adapter Battery charger CD-ROM ( software package ). Instruction manual. Specifications: Dimensions 20x35x12 mm; Weight 10 g; Voice storage capacity up to 1120min (128Mbytes); Battery type: Watch battery type (we include 2 with the product).  

Plug and Play Comes complete and fully equipped with all the necessary accessories.

* The Watch is not included.

** Payment by check / wire transfer only.

Super Spy Digital Recorder
Item : 2028-7 ----------------------------- Price : $ 850.00