Computer Telephone Recorder


This unique recorder is ideal in situations where you want to use your computer for an additional task of recording telephone conversations. 


Never miss another valuable phone conversation again. No tapes, No batteries. This is a maintenance free recorder that can record hundreds of hours of conversations  limited only by your hardrive capacity. 

The size of this device is less than a cigarette pack.  Install Software, plug the Recorder in between your computer and the telephone, simple as that. 


Easy 5 minutes installation and you are done !


Product Highlights :


     -    Records both side of the conversation.

-        Save recorded files to your hardrive.

-        Instant playback of a call through the computer speakers.

-        Record all unblocked incoming caller ID numbers.

-        Record all phone numbers dialed out.

-        Add notes,  search and Find a phone conversation instantly.

-        Automatically provides time & date stamp of all recorded files.

-        Recording time is only limited by your hardrive capacity.

-        Management software included.

-    Small sie :  3" x 2" x 0.7"  (less than a cigarette pack).


* This recorder will only work with traditional phone lines provided by

    your phone company.  It will NOT work with phone services through

    Voice Over IP.   like  Vonage or  the MajicJack  etc…  

Computer Telephone Recorder
Item : 2028 ----------------------------- Price : $ 290.00