60 Hour Digital recorder

Digital recorder,  this small size unit  has no moving recording parts and no tape cassettes,  it is design for silent telephone conversation recordings and much  more.

Applying the latest  technology of semiconductors, to provide you with this high- performance miniature digital recorder.   It is capable of recording up to  60  straight Hour ! 

It works as a regular recorder as well and is great for capturing good ideas and important business meetings,  it has voice activation feature to record only when it detects sound.

Designed for businessman, writers, reporters, teachers etc...  makes this the perfect pocket companion.

Comes complete with everything you need,    you can  transfer / edit  the recorded information in to your computer's  hard drive for a greater storage capability through a special Voice Manager software (included).

 Works with AAA batteries,  an optional Power Adapter  is Included .

                                 Plug and Play

Light weight, measures only 4 X 1.5 . Comes fully equipped with all the necessary accessories.  Recorder starts when it sense any sound on the line & stops when it detect silence .  
* The Actual look of the Recorder  may change slightly from time to time as new models arrive.

60 Hour Digital recorder
Item : 2028-6 ----------------------------- Price : $ 250.00