Miniature Wireless video Camera

A fully functional world smallest wireless sub miniature video camera that transmit up to  a maximum of 700 ft.  with optional (included) audio capability (a mic. that plugs to the Video recorder (VCR) However, it is NOT built into the camera.

This is a complete package 

Size :  1x1/2 inches , this MiniCam is the smallest and is the first video cameras to use a low-cost power-saving technology.

The tiny camera transmits video to a 900 MHZ receiver (included).  Powered by a standard 9V Battery.   Camera and transmitter all in one housing !

Package  Includes :

1) Miniature Color Camera . 

2) 900 Mhz. Transmitter /  Receiver .

3) 9V Battery connector .

Audio -  special high gain external microphone - (upon request only).

5) Power adapter .

 * Actual look of the camera may slightly change from
    time to time .

Miniature Wireless video Camera
Item : 2012-2 ----------------------------- Price : $ 750.00