Remote View Vehicle

There are many situation why you would want to own this Remote View Vehicle. 

  • Reconnaissance missions.
  • Inspecting suspecious items in the field without getting close.
  • Remote distance surveillance.
  • General Security.
  • Fun & recreation.

With a back-mounted camera you get real time video transmitted to a remote controller (included), a sweet 180 degree rotating camera, and the ability to listen remotely by a built in microphone in the vehicle and a speaker located in the  radio controller.

The controller has an awesome full-color LCD screen, it comes with a magnifying glass in case you want to double the size of the view.

The Remote View Vehicle can handle off road terrain thanks to its rugged drive train.

When it gets dark flick on the spotlights!  Announce your presence through the microphone and speaker built-in the vehicle.

Power up in minutes with the NiCad rechargeable battery pack,  the remote control requires  AA batteries.

Remote View Vehicle
Item : LAW-RVV1 ----------------------------- Price : $ 890.00