Computer Snooper

Want to know what kind of activity is going on in your computer ?

This device records keystrokes and stores them in its' memory module, yet looks like a keyboard cable adapter. One end of the Snooper plugs into the keyboard socket on the back of computer. The other end plugs into the end of the keyboard cable. The small size of this device combined with the fact that it attaches to the back of the computer make it extremely inconspicuous.

In simple words,  waht can this device Do ?    after you plug it in between the plug of your keyboard and in the back of your computer keyboard imput ,  it will record every key strock typed on the keyboard, it works right away without any additional sotware since the program is inside the Snooper and to retrieve the recorded information you need to typ a passcode. 

Plug and Play

-Easier to install  (no software needed).
-Can be installed on a computer where the password is unknown.
-Can be used to record on one computer and read out on another.
-Use with any PC operating system (Windows, OS2, Linux, Free BSD, etc.)
-Records everything, even BIOS passwords.
-Uses no system resources.

Don't be fooled by its size. It has the ability to store more than 32,000 keystrokes!

Additional information - how does it work ? :

Very simple - the Snooper plugs in between your keyboard and the back of your computer.

Snooper 2

Once plugged,  All data entered via the key Board  is stored  in the snooper's memory. 

The Snooper retains the information even when there is a loss of power. This means that the Snooper can be unplugged, and the information will not be lost.

To view the memory,   simply go to Windows Note Pad 
(open the note pad program on the computer),  enter the Snooper's  password .   

As soon as the password sequence is entered,  the Snooper comes to life. 
A menu is sent to the screen of the Note Pad,  and the user has the option to "erase memory",  "view memory",   "Print" ,  "save file As"   etc....
Comes complete and ready to do the job,  an instruction manual is included.

Computer Snooper
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