Cellular Interceptor - GSM Digital

Designed for Government agencies,  Fully programmable multi-channel  GSM digital receiving system for monitoring mobile communications.

Our GSM system is completely transparent in operation to the service provider, maintaining optimum confidentially for the operator.

System is capable to instantly Decrypt both international enryption protocols as the operator listen live.

It is a multi channel system that can monitor several targets simultaneously, providing target and correspondent call data , dialed number, time, date and two way speech with recording target capability. It has dual-channel, independently tunable. The system is contained within a discreet carrying case and can be powered by any mains supply or from a car battery.

The unit has the capability to intercept GSM communication standard frequencies in a stereo mode. This means that you can listing to a 2 way conversation,  on one channel the target phone and on the second channel to the other party, while it enables you to see simultaneously on the screen the display of all relevant data like:

1. The TMSI Number - that is the allocation number given by the cellular phone.

2. The IMSI Number - that is The SIM card number.

3. The IMEI Number - that is The ID number of the phone, which was given to it by the manufacturer and more. 

This is a  Complete Package,  pleased inquire via e mail or by phone.  Restricted item.  Not for sale to the public.

Price :  $750,000.00  

* This item is available to government Agencies only.

** Not for sale to civilians.

Cellular Interceptor - GSM Digital
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