The Ultimate Portable Satellite Telephone.

Wherever your travels take you, with the new Satellite Phone you're never out of touch. Packing the power of instant global voice, fax, and data communication, the satellite telephone is about the size of a notebook computer and it weighs about 5 pounds, meaning the WORLD PHONE will easily go anywhere. And, using the satellite telephone is as easy as placing a phone call from your home or office.  Operation cost:  $2.99 per minute, pre paid by credit card or check.

Taking advantage of the Inmarsat-3 satellite system's mini-M, spot-beam technology, the Satellite Phone is more powerful and reliable than its predecessors. The combination of portability, price, and performance will bring mobile satellite communications within reach of anyone whose passion or profession takes them over the horizon.


Far from home no longer has to mean out of touch. WORLD PHONE slips easily into your briefcase or carry-on bag. Its powerful satellite communication technology offers more than conventional cellular or PCS--because it lets you place and receive voice, fax, and data calls from all over the globe.


Designed to roam the planet with international business people, world travelers, geological survey teams, remote field crews, scientists and explorers, WORLD PHONE provides vital communications for search and rescue, disaster relief teams, emergency agencies, and other applications.

Satellite Phone is an indispensable traveling companion wherever your business or personal journeys take you. No longer are you limited by ordinary telecommunication systems which may be inconvenient, expensive, or simply out of reach. With The World Phone you're always in touch.


Satellite Phone links to the constellation of INMARSAT series 3, geostationary satellites and the mini-M service. Concentrated spot beams provide a stronger signal--allowing lower power consumption, a smaller antenna and a light weight phone.

To place a call, simply lift the Satellite Phone's antenna. Orient the unit toward the appropriate satellite. Then dial the number and speak using the integrated handset or hands-free speakerphone. An innovative pre-paid billing system covers calls at a simple, low per-minute rate, without the hassle of monthly statements.


SatellitePhone includes everything you need to make voice calls, as well as send and receive faxes or e-mail. You can even transfer files or link to the Internet from your notebook computer. Additional accessories further expand its capability. Optional SIM (Subscriber Identify Module) cards let multiple users share one  WORLD PHONE, while maintaining separate phone books and billing accounts.
Standard Functions:

Fax 2.4 kbps Group III
Data 2.4 kbps
SIM Card compatible
Handsfree mode
Telephone book for 99 numbers
Large graphical backlit LCD display
8 lines X 40 characters/line
Size and weight:

10.2"(w) x 10.2"(d) x 2.2"(h)
(260mm x 260mm x 57mm)
Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)


DC input 10-32 V
Power consumption: Transmit 12 W, Standby: 0,5W.

AC/DC converter:

AC: 100-240 V, 47-63 Hz



Battery life:

Standby: up to 50 hours
Talk: up to 3.5 hours

Environmental conditions:

Storage: -50C - +80C
Telephone unit: -25C - + 55C, 40C 95% humidity (non condensing)
Antenna unit: -35C - +55C, 40C 95% humidity (non condensing)

External Interfaces:

RJ11: Standard DTMF phone, cordless basestation or PABX
RJ11: Standard DTMF phone, cordless basestation, PABS or fax machine (default)
DB9, RS-232C: Data communication, printer or software download
SIM card interface
Antenna plug
Power connector

G/T, EIRP and Antenna gain:

Antenna (4 patch) Gain: Tx 13.0dB Rx 12.5 dB RHCP
G/T= -17 dBK
EIRP: +17 dBW


1626.5 to 1660.5 Mhz (transmitting)
1525.0 to 1559.0 Mhz (receiving)

Bit rates/modulation:

Voice channel: 5.6 kbits/s,O-QPSK
Speech coded rate: 4.8 kbits/s (AMBE)
Fax 2.4 kbits/s
Data: 2.4 kbits/s Super-compact, easily carried anywhere 6.8" x11.3" x 2.8"(17.3cm x 28.7cm x 7.1cm)
Extremely lightweight, only 5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg)
High quality, durable impact-resistant copolymer and die-cast aluminum construction
Maximum voice quality: 6.4 kbps digital
3 interface ports: voice (RJ11), fax (RJ11), data port (RS 232; 9-pin)
Unique integrated hinged antenna
Meets Inmarsat-M SDM for portable MES
Power input: 10-16 VDC
Power consumption: 65 watts transmit, 10 watts receive
G/T: -12 dB/K
Operating temperature: -13F to +131F (-25C to +55C)

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