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Voice Changer Pro

The Pro Voice Changer is an entirely new generation of telephone voice changers.  
There is nothing else on the market that even comes close to the performance of this advanced  unit to deliver the most natural voice  change that a professional can demand.  

This unit gives you total control over your voice— timbre, tone, formant, reverberation, and pitch.  It is simple to operate and it will meet any of the professional’s requirements to alter or disguise their voice when using the telephone.   

Its user-friendly design features four slider controls that allow for precise real-time adjustments. If you wish to save the exact settings of a particular voice for re-use on a future call,  you can save it in one of the unit’s 8 memories, and the next time that you want to use that identical voice you can re-create it instantly. 

The multiple voice memory buttons allow one person to seamlessly play several different people in the same conversation if required,  even if different genders.  The Voice Changer’s formant control,  independent from its pitch control, is one of the features that leave every other telephone voice changer in the technological dust.   

Since most are probably unfamiliar with what a “formant” is, here’s a brief explanation.  The human voice consists of two components.  One is fundamental waves that are pitch-sensitive. The other is non pitch-sensitive fixed harmonics.  The harmonics components that change along with vocal cords and with the physical shape of the vocal tract add distinctive characteristics to a person’s voice and are called formants.  All of the other telephone voice changers are merely pitch shifters.     With the Voice Transformer’s Pitch slider, you can control pitch independently, without making formants change, while its Formant slider works to effectively control the vocal cords and shape of the vocal tract.  So it can change a male voice into a female or even a child’s voice,  yet still sound completely natural. 

The Voice Changer installs in seconds on your telephone — just remove the phone’s handset cord and connect this in its place.  It comes complete with a quality microphone/earphone headset.  Size: 7" x 61/2" x 2"
(Not compatible with cellular phones, cordless phones, or dial-in-handset phones.)

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