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Pro Track - GPS

Covert Vehicle Tracking by Global Positioning System.

Vehicle Location, Tracking and Navigation are increasingly becoming an integral part of running an efficient and safe operation. Covert vehicle tracking can now be accomplished from the privacy of your computer using the new PRO TRAK-GPS Satellite system.  
This is military technology that is now available to the public.

                      Plug And Play

This is a complete system ready to do the job.

Just attach the transmitter in to place,  install the  software with the included U.S / Canada special road map and you are ready to view LIVE the location of the vehicle as it travels through the streets and roads.  Any LapTop or PC computer running Windows 95 and above will do.

The PRO TRAK-GPS consists of a GPS Receiver and Cellular Modem, which is fastened to the target vehicle with two strong magnets.  A GPS "Puck" antenna attaches with Velcro to the underside of the bumper cover and a miniature magnet mount cellular antenna fastens to the frame.

Power is supplied by a field replaceable battery pack which will power the system for approximately 5 days.

Since many surveillance operations can last a week or more two replaceable battery packs are included with each system.  These packs contain 8 "C" Alkaline cells, which can be easily replaced.  In order to conserve power the control center can be programmed to contact the vehicle at specific times to get a location,   the information than will be stored for future reference.  You can continuously track the vehicle if needed but that may reduce battery life.

Additional transmitters may be added should you need to track more targets with the base computer.


  • GPS vehicle tracking over the cellular telephone network.
  • Automatic or manual activation and dial-out to anywhere!
  • Dial-in mode for vehicle tracking and control.
  • Fully integrated single vendor software/hardware system.
  • No infrastructure - just a PC and a modem.
  • Automatic display of vehicles on an easy to read map.

Pro Track GPS
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Travel - GPS

Travel GPS, an amazing GPS vehicle tracking device used for monitoring the travel activities of private vehicles, and as an aid in keeping travel records for tax purposes. Travel-GPS is the ultimate in low cost GPS vehicle tracking, featuring the same GPS satellite technology developed and used by the US Department of Defense.

Travel-GPS small size (2" wide x 3.38" long x .98" high) and its light weight (2.8 oz.) make it ideal for concealing inside any vehicle.

Want to know the whereabouts of your teenager? Travel-GPS is designed to be concealed within the vehicle, allowing you to record the complete travel activities of any vehicle...anywhere...anytime. Why engage in the dangerous practice of following a vehicle when you can quickly and easily do it this way?

It can give you proof your suspicions were right... Ever wish you had a tool that could prove your suspicions were valid? Next time you sense suspicious activity, make sure Travel-GPS goes along for the ride. It can track a vehicle to the nearest address, tell how long the vehicle remained at any given destination and provide details of suspicious activities. Why pay a fortune to hire a private investigator when you can be your own "detective" with this Tracking device ?

 The unit uses GPS satellite signals to provide extremely accurate positioning, typically between 10 feet and 50 feet of actual vehicle location.

  Designed to be concealed within the vehicle, the small size Tracking device is a tiny computer that rides aboard the vehicle telling you the whereabouts of the driver, including the approximate address of each destination, names of streets traveled, how long the vehicle remained at each location AND IF THE DRIVER WAS SPEEDING!

When the vehicle returns home, the hardware unit can easily be removed from the vehicle and downloaded to any Windows® 95/98 or NT computer.   Here the travel route can be viewed on your computer screen.  A detailed map is built into the included software allowing the unit to display a variety of travel data, including every turn, every stop, the exact time and duration of each stop, mileage and speed.

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d map.

Mobil Track

The Most Cost-Effective Way to Monitor the Travel Activity of a Vehicle.

Mobile-Trac is a cost-effective data recording system that will allow you to review detailed information about a vehicle’s travel activities after the fact without actually being there. Using a satellite positioning network (GPS) cross referenced with digital street maps of the continental USA, the Mobile-Trac system and computer software can be used to accurately evaluate travel activities, with proof of exact date, time, speed, and location right down to the street level.

The Mobile-Trac software mapping will show the exact track that the vehicle traveled, right down to the street level with timing to the second. Easy to see instruments show time, speeds and elapsed time. Select Date function allows you to view the data on a day by day basis or all at once. Detailed street address range can be displayed. Play button, speed up, slow down and pause will simulate the car driving with realistic instrument panel. Maps and data track can be printed for hard copy proof.

With Mobile-Trac, you will be able to determine where the vehicle went when nobody was watching. You will know what time the person left, and more importantly, when they returned. You will know if the person was speeding or driving recklessly. You will know if an employee is going where they are supposed to be going.

The Mobile-Trac can be placed on, under, or inside the vehicle. Once installed, it does not require any user intervention and can monitor for days, weeks or even months.

The size of the Mobile-Trac unit is 3”x 5”x 1.5” and can be placed on a vehicle in under a minute. Battery pack and magnet mounting allow for easy placement on the vehicle. The Mobile-Trac unit goes into sleep mode when the vehicle is stationary to extend battery life.

Mobil Track
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Track Talk - Executive Security

Track Talk is the ultimate in Kidnapped person's locating technology,   as well as a variety of other out doors applications  limited only  by your imagination . 
It is a combination of an analog cellphone and GPS receiver.

In addition to being a full-featured GPS receiver, Track Talk  is a high-performance cellular phone with exceptional features such as touch-tone location reporting (including the ability to send your exact position and have it displayed on another unit), numeric paging, an electronic 'phone book' capable of 100 entries, and intelligent security lock capability. One-touch dialing and a message center which collects missed calls and pager messages for easy retrieval make operating the Track Talk even more enjoyable.

Base Station :

At  a click of a button you can call the person or vehicle with the Talk Track, and its GPS position will be transmitted to the base station (your computer).  The on-screen map will then be centered on the unit's location.  Alternatively, the person with the Talk Track can initiate the call.  A single position can be obtained in about 20 seconds and if desired, the Talk Track  can be continuously tracked, with heading and speed shown on-screen.  Talk  Track Base Unit service package  includes a complete, detailed street map of the United States and Canada for easy location.

This Is A Complete Package

and it comes with everything you need ,  including the base computer program ,  CD ROM  special maps and basic cellular  telephone accessories.

Track Talk - Executive Security
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