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Motion Detector Video Camera

This very special "Motion Detector"  looks like an ordinary Alarm Motion Detector.

 It enables you to transform your standard home VCR into a professional surveillance system,  therefore saving you hundreds of dollars.   This Hidden Video Camera will take pictures only when it senses a movement .

 Inside are 3 components :

1) Hidden,  is a concealed miniature  CCD camera with an invisible lens - it delivers crisp black-and-white surveillance video pictures.  It can be easily connected to a  standard TV, monitor or VCR. 

2) Controller - this will trigger your standard home VCR to start the actual tape recording when it senses a motion.

3) A motion sensor - Once a motion is detected 
(up to 35 Feet), it sends the signal to the Controller,  which in turn  starts the VCR Video tape recording .

All of the above components are hidden in this ordinary looking  Motion detector  !

      -  Plug And Play Package -

It comes complete and ready to do the job  with an AC power adapter ,  and  a standard "25  cable for video hookup.

Actual look of this item may vary .


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Video To PC - Wireless

This is a 2.4 Ghz  wireless technology computer based surveillance package that  transmits remote video to a PC through the walls and between the rooms . The special antenna is designed to reduces interference and provides high gain for superb picture quality.
Plug And Play

It is a complete package that includes a camera transmitter and a receiver. The receiver comes with a USB grabber to be connected to the USB port of your  PC.   It is simply plug-and-play.  The receiver can draw the power from the PC and spares the trouble of a DC adapter.  

The camera ( Black & White) & transmitter  operates on  4 AA size batteries.   This makes the camera transmitter portable and you can take video anywhere and display it on the PC.  One PC can be used with 4 camera transmitters at different locations for simultaneous surveillance.  Transmitting distance is up to 1,000 feet.  Comes complete with a video software compatible with windows 95 & up.

This system makes it very simple to send remote real-time video to the PC and for any Web-based application. It is ideal for PC and Web-base wireless surveillance, baby monitoring , video conference, multimedia , and much more.  The possibilities are unlimited.  

Note: actual look  may vary slightly with new models .

** Requires a PC with USB port.


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Bullet Infrared Camera 

Hidden is a concealed miniature CCD camera with an invisible lens -- that delivers crisp black-and-white surveillance video pictures. Since the camera utilizes standard video signals, it can be easily connected to a TV, standard monitor or VCR. Plus, it's fully compatible with a full range of other video equipment. The hidden camera has a viewing angle of 62 and is designed to work in low-light conditions (minimum 1 Lux). Pixels: 500 x 492; resolution is 380 lines. Includes cables for video hookup and an AC adapter. The clock, highlighted by a second sweep hand, requires one "AA" battery (not included). This is a video-only camera.


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