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Air Taser - More information

The AIR TASER is a small handheld self-protection system, which utilizes compressed air to shoot two small probes up to 15 feet.  These probes are connected by wire to the launcher, which sends a powerful electric signal into the nervous system of an assailant - causing the body to go limp as the brain loses control over the rest of the body.

The AIR TASER is effective because it overrides the nervous system of the human body.   The human nervous system communicates by means of simple electrical impulses.   A nerve sends messages much like an electric telegraph with a series of electrical blips.  The AIR TASER sends a series of discrete electrical impulses (called TASER-Waves™ or T-Waves) quite similar to those used by the human body for communication.  The AIR TASER’s T-Wave output overpowers the normal electrical signals within the nerve fibers.  Very similar to "radar jamming," the nerve communications 'blips' are washed out in a sea of 'white noise' created by the T-Wave electrical impulses.  The human target loses control of the neuromuscular system and cannot perform coordinated action.

The AIR TASER’s method of incapacitation is the least violent means possible for ending dangerous situations.  In survey of clinical data collected at the Emergency Department of the King/Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles, 92% of the 218 TASER® patients admitted to the hospital stated they had total amnesia for the event and could not remember being subject to the TASER1, i.e., there was no conscious pain.   In contrast, the pepper sprays and chemical sprays cause tremendous pain - it is their primary means of causing the target to stop.  (Using a pepper spray is similar to spraying acid into someone’s eyes).  Further, these sprays can cause inflammation of the mucous membranes and trigger severe asthmatic reactions.


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