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VHF - Telephone Transmitter
Full Package
This professional telephone transmitter (has 3 channels) is disguised as a common dual modular adapter.
It transmits up to 500 meters on VHF channels.
Set it into the modular jack by one touch.
It uses the phone line for its power source .
No battery or external antenna needed ! .

Both sides of the conversation are transmitted with clarity.

VHF Receiver
Transmitter works best with our state of the art VHF receiver.
Receiver has 3-switchable channels. No distortion.
Note : Except Law enforcement agencies, This item is NOT available to U.S residents,   all others please check with your local Customs Department.

VHF Telephone Transmitter
Item : 2027-1----(full package)----------- U.S $ 1,175
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