Telephone Security & Devices




continuously detects legal
and illegal  remote extension drawn loop wiretaps
connecting and disconnecting anywhere on your
local telephone line, including at the Telephone
Company’s Central Exchange !!

Pro Tap Detector            

Do you know who else is listening to your conversations?   
Could it be  the phone company  or maybe the government ...?

The Pro Tap Detector is the first and only telephone line security device that can detect electronically isolated remote extension drawn loops; the most sophisticated, threatening and
common type of electronic surveillance that other security devices cannot detect, including wiretaps that previously had been

Detect Computer Hackers, Government Agencies, Telco Security, etc. manipulating the Telephone Company's Central Exchange switching equipment to intercept your

The Pro Tap Detector is most effective at detecting wiretaps / eavesdropping at the beginning and ending of a telephone call.
At the beginning of a telephone call when someone is calling you watch for a remote extension drawn loop wiretap to seize the line between the cadence ringing. This usually occurs between the first and third ring creating a connection  reaction.

At the conclusion of any telephone call by observing the unit and counting / timing the number of disconnection reactions on the
telephone line the unit can detect legal and illegal wiretapping on your telephone line by establishing either a normal signature pattern or an abnormal signature pattern resulting from additional telephone lines / wiretapping equipment disconnecting from your telephone line.

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Telephone Line Analyzer
It uses microprocessor technology to protect your phone three ways. 

First, it detects tiny changes in line voltage caused by taps into your phone line. 

Second, it detects radio transmissions from illegal listening devices within about 10 feet of the device. 

And, third, it detects eavesdropping from another extension while you're on the phone. When the unit detects an outside tap or eavesdropping, you're alerted by an audible alarm signal, red warning light and line status code on the easy-to-read LED screen. And the analyzer constantly monitors your line even while you're away, giving you around-the-clock protection. Its green light always lets you know when the line is clear. 
Never interfering with normal phone operation, the unit installs in seconds between your phone and wall jack with standard modular connections. 
Compact and lightweight, you can use it anywhere at home or away. Features: AC power adapter,  line cord, alarm on/off switch, polarity switch, voltage setting, radio frequency setting and bypass and reset controls. 
S3.25" x 1.5" x 5.25".
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Telephone Call Filter   

Call Filter The new Call Filter is the ultimate  privacy device for your telephone line.  It allows only callers with a pass code to get through. The Call Filter Greets  the caller asking  them to enter the pass code (via touch tone phone).  Only Callers with the correct pass code  (that  you have given them)  will be able to ring through.  If they don't have the code, your phone will not ring !.     

The Call Filter is plugged  between the wall jack and your Telephone.

Codes can easily be changed by adjusting the switches on the back of the unit. Lithium battery included that will last for approximately 4 years. Dimensions: 6.5" x 4.25" x 2.5"

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Phone Numbers Register        

Do you know what phone numbers are being dialed out from your phone ?

Phone Numbers Register: Take control of your telephone line…it  keeps a record of all your outgoing calls.   It is capable of storing  outbound calls for your review on its' LCD.

Information includes the time of call, telephone number dialed, date of call and length of telephone call.   
Keep track of your long distance and local telephone charges, limit excessive telephone usage.  Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included), it simply connects to any telephone jack.  Now you'll have a record of your outgoing calls. 
Features a battery low indicator, scroll up/down button, delete key.  Compact design.

Note : * 
This device informs of outgoing calls only.

           * *  Look and color may change as new models arrive


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