Bug Detectors

Pro Bug Detector 

Now own one of the intelligence industry's  secret weapons and find out if your conversations are being monitored by covert transmitters. 

Developed by counter-surveillance experts, this Professional Detector instantly warns you of electronic eavesdropping: in rooms, vehicles, even on the person across from you.

Audible beeps and LED warn of intrusion.  Click a switch 
and you can plug a mini ear phone (included) so only you can hear the audible warning levels,   or you may switch to silent vibration alert for covert pocket use. 

These days, overheard words can cost a fortune.  Don't let them  cost you.  

Detector is shipped complete with Travel case.
Sweep range -   1MHz.   to   3 GHZ.

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Advanced Pro Bug Detector 

This is one device that government agencies and private investigators use.  
It will give you a visual signal  (no sound or vibration)   with a Sweep range of up  to 3.0 GHZ .

Many private investigators and other professionals prefer  this model because it gives them an exact signal strength reading . 

No bells and whistles,  just straight forward information that a pro. needs


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Super Sweep 2000

Used by law enforcement and private investigators,   this Counter surveillance Probe/Monitor provides five of the "most desired sweep functions" in one package.

1. R.F. probe "sniffs" your environment for hidden phone, room or body bugs, remote signals, computer, Fax or Telex

transmitters, video transmitters, pulsed tracking transmitters, and even wide band frequency hopping or "burst" bugs.

2. V.L.F. probe tests your A.C. outlets, phone lines
or suspicious wires for very low frequency "carrier 
current" signs.

3. Auxiliary audio input allows you to listen to
telephones or lines for "hotmikes," hookswitch by-pass 
and "infinity" bugs, also unknown wires and
cables can be tested for wired microphones.

4. After a sweep, the alarm monitor guards against new
devices brought in, remote control activation, or someone tamper-ing
with your equipment.

5. The 24-hour "evidence" recording output will store suspicious sounds on a standard cassette recorder while you are away.

DETECT AND LOCATE quickly and silently all major categories of electronic surveillance, including: • Room, phone,

and body bugs that are transmitting your conversations • Video transmitters watching your every move • Vehicle tracking

beepers giving away your location • Infinity bugs, hook switch bypass or reversals "turned-on" to your conversations

• Wired microphones listening inside a wall • Computer, Fax or Telex transmitters "reading" your information • Tempest


*Even at high security levels where a spectrum analyzer may be employed, the CPM is an invaluable tool

for detecting ultra-sophisticated frequency hopping or "burst" bugs.

THE ALARM MONITOR MODE protects you after a sweep by continuously checking for: New devices brought in

• Remote control activation • Nearby two-way communications • Phone line tampering.

RECORD ON TAP while you are away, storing evidence on: • Sounds of an eavesdropper installing a bug or tap

• Noises of an intruder "snooping" in your office • Unauthorized usage of your equipment.


• Rapid detection and location of electronic surveillance devices

• Ease of operation, highly effective with limited training

• Silent covert detection and location "gives you the advantage’

• High R.F. sensitivity can locate a bug as low as 1 microwatt

• Total spectrum coverage from 200 Hz to over 3 GHz with no holes or gaps

• Active R.F. and V.L.F. probes "pump" signals for lower noise and more sensitivity

• Optional probe extensions allow unit to monitor remote locations

• Balanced high gain audio input with AGC and filter

• "Compressed" bargraph covers 6 ranges

• Status display shows operating conditions

• Fully adjustable pulsing L.C.D. segment indicates alarm trip point

• Selectable silent/tone alarm output

• Powered by alkaline or optional nicad battery includes A.C. adaptor/charger

This is a complete package : 

complete in a professional carrying  case with all of its accessories.

• Self-instruction and example tape included.



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